Tips To Help You Protect Your Laminate Flooring

Posted on: 25 September 2018

Laminate flooring is becoming one of the most popular flooring options in homes of all price ranges. The flooring is easy to install, easy to care for, and easy to repair if the need should arise. Is there anything that you can do to preserve the good condition of your new laminate flooring? Here, you'll find a couple of tips that will help you protect your laminate flooring.

Limit the Moisture

Moisture will be a problem for some laminate flooring – typically the lower-end brands. A little moisture won't hurt, but if you allow puddles of water to sit around on the flooring, it will seep into the cracks and cause the seams to swell. Once this happens, you will have no choice but to remove the damaged flooring piece and replace it with new.

To limit the moisture exposure on the laminate flooring, use water-wicking mats in areas where you know the water will hit the floor – in front of the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and in the bathroom by the sinks and showers. These mats will wick-up and hold the moisture until you dry the mat.

If your home is very humid, you'll want to run a dehumidifier and keep a few fans running on the more humid days. The moisture in the humid air will settle on the flooring, and if you don't keep the air moving then it will cause the flooring to become slippery and could allow the moisture to seep into the seams.

Scratch Protection

Quality laminate flooring can withstand quite a bit of abuse before showing any signs of damage, but moving furniture and appliances can create gouges in the flooring in a quick second. Do not try sliding furniture or appliances across the flooring without putting something underneath the feet.

You can pick up a set of plastic furniture moving pads for next to nothing. These handy little things slip underneath the feet of furniture and appliances and allow them to slide easily across any flooring surface without causing damage. This will eliminate the chance of gouging your flooring while moving these heavy items.

Instead of struggling to get the pads under the appliances each time you have to move them, leave the pads underneath at least the back set of feet. Your future moving needs will be much easier to complete.

Talk with local laminate flooring companies like Brothers  Floor Covering to learn more about what you can do to protect your laminate flooring.