Tips For Maintaining Your Real Hardwood Flooring

Posted on: 7 August 2017

Real hardwood flooring is an investment that can add value to your home, so it's important to keep it looking its best. Whether you've recently restored the original hardwood in your historic home or had new flooring installed, it'll require some basic daily maintenance. 

While many types of flooring, such as laminate and even ceramic tile, can imitate the look of real hardwood at a lower cost, they may not match the natural and enduring beauty of the real thing. While natural hardwood is known for its long-lasting durability, there are some precautions you should take when caring for and maintaining it. 

Following are some tips for keeping your hardwood floors beautiful for decades to come:


1. Sweep the hardwood flooring on either daily or every other day, depending on how much traffic your home has. Simply use a broom and dust pan to remove any dirt and debris, such as small stones or pebbles, that could scratch the flooring. Not only will sweeping the floors keep them fresh and clean, which is especially important if you have small children, but it will prevent damage. 

As an alternative to a basic broom and dust pan, you can use an electric broom or a vacuum with a floor-brush attachment to clean the hardwood. You can also use a mop with either disposable electrostatic or washable microfiber cloths, which will pick up fine debris such as pet hair. 

2. To deep-clean the hardwood flooring either monthly or bi-annually, mix hardwood cleaning solution with water in a bucket and apply it using a mop. You can also clean the floors by hand using a soft sponge. 

Make sure to squeeze all of the excess liquid out of the mop or sponge first, to avoid oversaturating the hardwood, which could damage it. You can use floor or ceiling fans to help reduce the drying time. 

3. Always take your shoes off before walking on your flooring, as objects stuck to the bottoms, such as small pieces of glass, can scratch the wood. Place rugs in front of all of the home's doors to catch dirt and debris.


1. Avoid using any type of harsh cleaning product or tool, such as bleach, ammonia, steel wool or stiff-bristled brushes on the hardwood flooring. If you need to remove an oily stain from the wood, use a solution of water and a grease-fighting dish detergent to remove it. For other types of stains, you can use odorless mineral spirits to tackle the job. 

2. Don't drag heavy items across the floor. If you need to move a large object, such as a piano or couch, across the hardwood, use a furniture dolly.