How To Change The Stain Color On Your Oak Foyer Floor When It Comes Time To Reapply Poly

Posted on: 30 September 2016

If your foyer oak floor is looking old and beaten up, and is in need of a new coat of poly, you might take the opportunity to change the color of the stain. Perhaps you have grown tired of a too-dark stain. If you have, then you should take this time and change the color of the floorboard stain. As long as you're dealing with applying a new coat of poly, you might as well strip the floor down and start over with a stain color you like. Here is how you can do this.

Strip The Poly and Stain

The first thing you need to do is strip off the polyurethane and the underlying stain. While this can be done with a floor sander, you should opt for the easier solution: a chemical peel. A floor stander will require you to wear a mask to filter out the fine particles that will float into the air. Also, floor sanders are powerful, so if you don't know how to operate them you can do damage to your floor. Choose a chemical stripper that is designed for indoor use. These will have less volatile fumes. You should still try and ventilate the space so try and work on a dry day when you can have the windows open.

Let the stripper sit on the wood and then, after the time listed on directions for the chemical peeler, use a paint scraper and rags to remove the paste. You should wear plastic gloves and then dispose of the rags, gunk, and gloves in a trash bag.

Clean The Floor

The poly and stain should all be gone at this point. However, you are still not ready to apply stain. You are going to have to clean the floor. You can't use water because it will soak into the floorboards and then you will have to wait for them to dry before you stain. Also, water can leave stain marks on "bare" floorboards, so you need to use something else. Pick up a container of mineral spirits. Dampen a clean rag in the mineral spirits and use it to wipe down the floor. The spirits will evaporate quickly and not stain the floor.

Apply Stain and Poly

This is the last step. However, before you apply the stain over the entire floor, test it out on a small section of wood and let it dry. This will let you make sure you're comfortable with the color before covering the whole area. Once it has dried, and you're sure you like the color, apply the stain over the entire floor. You should use foam brushes. These will allow you to evenly apply the stain. Regular paint brushes should be avoided because they will leave visible brush marks.

Choose a stain that comes with poly included. These are advertised as two-in-one products. They save you the trouble of having to apply a separate layer of poly. For more tips, contact a professional hardwood refinishing company.