Hidden Treasure Found Underneath Your Carpet? How To Bring The Wood Floor Back To Life

Posted on: 16 September 2016

If you need new carpeting and found beautiful wood flooring underneath the carpeting when you removed it, you have found a treasure. If you have decided to keep the wood flooring instead of getting new carpeting, you will likely have to do some work on it. The first obvious thing is removing the carpet, and once that is done you can start working on the floor to bring it back to its former glory. Below is some information that will help you get started.

What You May Find Under the Carpeting

Once you remove the carpeting you may be surprised at what you will find. The first thing you will see is a very large amount of dirt that made its way through the carpeting and carpet pad over the years.

The carpeting company that originally installed the carpet may have used a lot of staples, nails, or even an adhesive glue to lay the carpet.

If there are any very dark, black stains on the flooring, this is likely due to pet urine. In a case like this, that part of the floor will have to be removed and replaced. There is no possible way to clean this as the urine will have soaked through the entire wood floor.

Refinish Hardwood Flooring

If you see some bad areas on the flooring after you pull the carpet up, such as splintery areas, large holes from nails, or dull-colored wood, you can refinish it. This will make your hardwood floor look brand new.

You can hire a company to refinish the floor for you. This is a good option if you have a large house, as refinishing takes a lot of time to do correctly.

You also have to have the right tools to do the job. You can rent a buffer from a home improvement company if you decide to refinish the wood floors on your own.

Choose Not to Refinish

If you only have some scratches and they have not gone all the way through the wood, you can use a hand buffer on the scratched area to remove them. Once they are removed, clean the floor, and then apply a fresh coat of finish. The scratches should be gone and your floor should look great.

If you have pets, you should consider refinishing and putting a sealant on the wood flooring. Their urine and/or vomit will soak through the flooring very easily if not sealed.

You should be aware of the noise you will hear once the carpeting is removed. This is because the carpeting was an insulator and provided soundproofing. For more information, contact a company like Dream Floors.