Building A New House? Two Reasons Why You Should Install Hardwood Flooring

Posted on: 14 September 2016

One of the beauties of building a brand new house is the ability to pick out each of the features that will be included.  One of the most important decisions you'll have to make involves the kind of flooring that you will install.  Although you may have been thinking about going with carpet or tile, you may want to consider going with hardwood floors instead.  Learning more about the benefits of hardwood floors can help you see why they are a must-have for your next home.

Hardwood Floors Help With Indoor Air Quality

While it's important to think about how floors will impact the look of your home, it's equally vital that you consider the interior air quality.  Hardwood floors deliver on both of these points, making them an excellent choice for your house.

Carpet can be troublesome because it's so easy for dust, allergens, and pet dander to become trapped within its fibers.  Unless you are fastidious about vacuuming and having your carpet cleaned on a regular basis, it's easy for these pollutants to build up.  Also, as you travel from the inside to the outside of the house, pollen from your shoes can become wedged in the carpet.  As a result, the quality of your indoor air could begin to suffer.

That's why hardwood floors are such a great choice.  You can easily sweep, dust or mop away any pollutants that appear on the surface of the material. There won't be any fibers for dust to hide in, and this can go a long way toward helping to promote the air quality of your home.

Hardwood Floors Increase The Value Of Your Home

When you're building a house, it's always best to have an eye toward the future.  Although you may want to enjoy your house for a period of time, there could come a point when you're ready to sell.  Hardwood floors can help you get the return on your investment that you're looking for.

Installing hardwood flooring helps to increase the value of your home.  They are sleek and modern, and give a house that timeless appeal that can boost your home's value so you are able to command a higher asking price when you're ready to sell.

Installing hardwood floors from a place like Surplus Sales could prove to be a very wise decision. When you're erecting your next house, choose hardwood floors so you can enjoy these great benefits and many more.