3 Ideas To Give You New Hardwood Floors With A Clean, Natural Look

Posted on: 9 September 2016

If you are considering installing new hardwood floors in your home, there are many products available. Many of these materials have stains and colors that may look less natural. To give your new floors a light, natural look, you may want to consider some alternatives to the conventional materials, such as bamboo, light colored woods and clear finishes. Here are a few solutions that can help you give your home new wood floors with more of a natural look:

1. Using Bamboo And Wood Alternatives For A Natural Look With Something Different

Bamboo is a good choice for wood flooring that is not actually a lumber product. This material is very durable and can give your floors a natural look. There are many different choices of colors for these materials, which can be light or darker colors. For a brighter appearance, you may want to choose materials that are lighter in color. In addition to these options, there are also engineered wood floors that can give you choices like tropical lumber at an affordable price.

2. Durable, Light-Colored Woods That Can Give Your Floors A Light, Bright Finish

There are also durable, light-colored materials that you may want to consider for your floors. Some of these materials can include white maple, which has a nice natural tone. There are also some choices of softwood materials that you may want to consider, which can also be easier on the knees. Materials like cedar and cypress can be a good choose for softwoods to use for your new wood floors. They can also be treated with a simple protective sealant to leave the raw, natural look of the wood.

3. Alternative Wood Flooring With Reclaimed Lumber For A Natural Looking Floor

With green living becoming part of everyday life, you may want to consider incorporating recycled materials into the new floors you have installed. Reclaimed lumber can give you many choices for natural-looking hardwood floors. If you want an aged look, there are materials like old pallets that can be repurposed for interesting wood floors. Many hardwood flooring contractors can even help you find these products or mill the wood for your project.

These are some tips that can help you give your home new wood floors that have a lighter, more natural color. If you are ready to have new wood floors installed in your home, contact a hardwood flooring service such as Costen Floors Inc and talk with them about some of these ideas for more natural looking wood floors.