Taking A Closer Look At The Biggest Myths About Marble Kitchen Flooring

Posted on: 8 September 2016

If you want to give your kitchen area a more high-end and distinguished look, marble flooring is no doubt the material choice you should go with. Even though many homeowners love the idea of having marble flooring because of its sheer beauty and natural quality, many will never seriously consider having marble flooring installed. This is usually due to a few prevailing myths and misconceptions about marble flooring in general. Here are a few of the biggest myths you should get out of the way about marble flooring, as doing so could make you see that this is the ideal choice for your kitchen. 

Myth: Marble has to be resealed every couple of months. 

Fact: When marble flooring is initially installed, it will be coated with a sealant by the professional contractor to give it a durable finish, but eventually, this will wear away. You could go for low-grade sealing solutions with sub-par ingredients that wear away quickly when the professionally installed finish wears off. But as long as you opt for high-quality sealer when your marble does have to be resealed, the finish will actually last for several years in most cases. Of course, the duration of the sealer you use will also depend on your usual cleaning methods and how much foot traffic there is in the kitchen area. 

Myth: The porosity of marble makes it an illogical choice for the kitchen. 

Fact: Marble, just like many other forms of natural flooring, is definitely porous, which often leads people to believe it will be highly easy to damage or stain, especially when used in the kitchen where spills are bound to happen. However, as long as your marble flooring is well-protected with a good layer of sealer, the surface is protected. Therefore, spills can be wiped away without concerns of staining your flooring. 

Myth: Marble flooring is better suited for kitchens in extravagant homes. 

Fact: Marble flooring is much more accessible than what most homeowner realize, in spite of its reputation as being a luxury material used primarily in high-end constructions. While it is true that marble flooring is often used in luxury homes, the current ready availability of marble materials makes it just as logical in a traditional home setting. You can go with thin-cut marble tiles that are much less costly to acquire and blend well with just about any type of interior. You can also have a flooring installed in your kitchen which is a collaboration of marble and limestone or ceramic.